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Access to HE Contracts

HE Contracts is the joint consortia agreements database, which replaced uniBuy in August 2016. It provides full details of all agreements open to LUPC Members, including Buyer's Guides which provide all the information you need to use our frameworks.


How to access HE Contracts

General access

All consortia members will be able to access HE Contracts for browsing agreement information, without the need to login. This is because LUPC can register your institution’s IP address range for auto-recognition. If you are being prompted to log in and would like your individual IP address registered, please send details to Laura Compton and we can add this in.

Individual logins

Members can also register in the system for individual logins, required for members that want to use the Request for Quotation function, create custom reports, mark ‘favourite’ agreements and access the system when they are off-site and not within your IP address range etc.

In a departure from the previous system uniBuy, there is no longer a need for administrators to approve end users’ login requests as your registration will be automatically recognised and approved via email domain name. If you would like to register any other email domains you may have in addition to your main domain please send these to Laura Compton and we can add these in. 

The one exception is if you want to set up local agreements in HE Contracts; in this instance, you will need to create an institutional administrator to manage this. To do this, contact Darran Whatley.

More information about logging in is in the HE Contracts User Guide (p.4).


Help and support

If you have problems in logging in, contact H2O Publishing (who manage HE Contracts on behalf of the consortium) at support@hecontracts.co.uk

There is also a useful 'Report a Problem' button within HE Contracts for you to feed back any issues you are experiencing with the system.


Useful resources

HE Contracts User Guide (pdf)


A recorded webinar on using HE Contracts for general users

A recorded webinar on using HE Contracts for local agreements


YouTube videos on using HE Contracts:

HE Contracts System Overview

HE Contracts Agreement Overview

HE Contracts Request For Quotation (RFQ)

HE Contracts Reports

HE Contracts Local Agreements




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