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Become a Member

Membership of LUPC is open to universities and colleges in and around the capital, as well as other national public and third-sector organisations from our neighbouring sectors in the arts, sciences and education. All members must be not-for-distributed-profit. Membership is based on your non-pay spend and below are details of how to apply.

Institutions are banded according to their annual non-pay procurement spend, and charged a fee accordingly. The current fee structure is shown below.

Institution size by non-pay spend  


Annual LUPC Membership fee 2015-16

(pro-rated if you join mid-academic year)

Small: < £25 million £2,250 + VAT
Medium: £25 - 70 million £4,725 + VAT
Large: > £70 million £7,200 + VAT


Read details of our typical agreement savings and Member benefits


How to apply for Full Membership:

Step 1

Tell us your annual non-pay spend and we will advise you of your Membership fee.

Step 2

Read our Articles of Association.

Step 3

Sign our joining form confirming agreement to our Memorandum and Articles.

Step 4

Once your form has been received, we will ask our Board to ratify your Membership.

Step 5

Upon acceptance, we will visit you to discuss how you can maximise the benefits of your membership.

If you’d like an informal discussion about Membership of LUPC, please contact Laura Compton, Assistant Director (Membership), 020 7307 2766.


Further Education College?

If you are a further education college based in London, with not-for-distributed-profit status, you can apply to join LUPC for free, with full access to our portfolio of agreements. To join, simply complete and return our Associate Further Education joining form to Laura Compton.



Associate Membership - single agreement usage

In some limited circumstances we may be able to offer you Associate Membership of LUPC for one single agreement without the need for you to pay a membership fee. If you are interested in one particular agreement only please contact Andy Davies, Director of LUPC, to discuss this option.