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Free Credit Referencing Service

LUPC Members have free access to the reporting tools offered by Creditsafe UK

With many Members undertaking credit referencing using various techniques and suppliers, this offering aims to provide a fast, consolidated and electronic means of accessing this information in order to reduce business risk, while saving considerable expense against any present systems in operation.

The Creditsafe package provides the following main features:

  • Access to detailed company reports at any time
  • Organisation of 'tracked' suppliers into portfolios aligned to particular agreements or commodity areas
  • Receipt of email alerts every time a supplier in any portfolio has a change in their report
  • Control of which personnel receive the e-mail alert, by portfolio
  • No additional costs except on request of an international report, which will be on a 'pay as you go' basis. 


Implementation and Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Creditsafe presentation. All full Members of LUPC have an individual login for access to Creditdafe. If you have any general queries, and to request a Creditsafe login for your institution, please contact Laura Compton, Head of Membership.


Creditsafe - International reports

The agreement with Creditsafe incorporates searches for international organisations.  However, not all countries are included under the agreement, and searches for countries outside of the agreement are chargeable.  In order to manage this effectively, access to chargeable searches can only be requested through the NEUPC office.  For further information, or to request a chargeable international search, please contact Debbie Shore at NEUPC.



This Creditsafe package would normally be available at a rate of £1,500 per customer. Had every Member or Associate Member chosen to use this package individually, the total cost to the English National Purchasing Consortia (ENPC) membership would be in excess of £300,000. Quite a deal then!




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