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LUPC E-Commerce Group

LUPC's Executive Committee agreed to re-convened this group in 2013, following discussion about e-procurement systems and encouraging various consortia-approved suppliers to join systems of Members' choice. It was agreed that these discussions should involve wider Members stakeholders and the group is a forum to do this. Chris Philpott, Purchasing Manager at the University of East London, is the group's Chair.


The Vision Statement

To provide focus and support to help London Universities Purchasing Consortium Members establish the benefits from adoption of e-commerce tools and methodologies by identifying and promoting new practices and providing a forum for best practice systems and ideas.


Supplier presentations

ADB - How do I find savings?


ADB E-sourcing toolkit


Bravo Supplier Performance


BravoAdvantage Savings Tracking Overview


BravoAdvantage Savings Management


BravoSolution Advanced Scenario example


BravoSolution LUPC Handbook


Delta: An Introduction to e-Sourcing


Delta: E-sourcing Factsheet


Proactis presentation

Science Warehouse presentation



Useful documents

Summary Update - Sept 2016


Terms of Reference


Communications Plan