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Five ways to manage and maximise your 2014-15 budget...

LUPC has frozen its membership fees for 2014-15 and is working hard to deliver even greater savings and efficiencies for our Members this coming year. With the new financial and academic year kicking off on Friday, here’s a reminder of how LUPC can help you make the most of your budget this year:

1. Remind yourself of our array of EU compliant, professionally tendered agreements. We have more than 90 now available to save you money and time in tendering  – have a browse at www.lupc.ac.uk

2. Make sure you submit your annual spend data for 2013-14 when we request it next month – this means we can report back your annual LUPC savings and highlight areas of potential further saving. Plus, signing up to submit data quarterly qualifies you to access our free Spend Analysis Tool for your own in-house needs.

3. Planning a new procurement strategy this year, but not sure where to start? Why not take up LUPC’s offer of a free Procurement Maturity Assessment, an independent detailed assessment of your procurement function that provides a bespoke action plan and a baseline to measure improvements.

4. LUPC can provide Members with low-cost, professional Procurement Consultancy Services to meet a range of short-term procurement needs. This is a chargeable service for Members, albeit at a competitive rate, that aims to meet a variety of short-term procurement needs. If you lack the resource or expertise to use our frameworks effectively, why not see how we can help you?

5. The Higher Education Procurement Academy (HEPA) kicks off its second year, with brand new offerings for consortia members – check out their latest online procurement training modules, suitable for procurement teams and those involved in purchasing more widely. There’s also a new suite of face-to-face training across the regions – keep an eye on the HEPA calendar for details.


Any question, big or small, please do contact us!

The LUPC Team