HEPA's new Procurement Journey

Mar 05, 2014

The Higher Education Procurement Academy (HEPA) has launched another new resource, the Procurement Journey, to support all levels of procurement activity across institutions. The Procurement Journey gives procurement professionals and wider institutional buyers access to a comprehensive 'how to' guide to procurement, including a wealth of useful materials, standardised documentation, up-to-date legislation information, and references to appropriate external advice websites.

The Journey is easy to use and has been professionally reviewed to offer a consistent approach to the procurement process across the sector. HEPA would encourage you to use the source documentation in the Procurement Journey for every procurement exercise to ensure you are always using the most recent guidance and templates on an ongoing basis.

You can read more about the Procurement Journey on the HEPA website.

To access the Journey, visit www.hepa.ac.uk/procurement-journey. Any feedback would be welcome, please contact the HEPA team on info@bufdg.ac.uk