LUPC achieves Level 4 of Flexible Framework

Jan 04, 2016

LUPC has officially reached Level 4 of the  Sustainable Procurement Flexible Framework .

The Flexible Framework is a widely used self-assessment mechanism developed by the business-led Sustainable Procurement Task Force (jointly funded by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and HM Treasury), which allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time.

However, LUPC’s assessment was independently verified by Jane Waring of Ammatis Ltd, who has been working in the field of public sector sustainable procurement for several years, to ensure integrity of the consortium’s results.

The report by Ammatis Ltd details LUPC’s improvements to move from Level 3 to Level 4 across five themes: People; Policy; Strategy and Communication; Procurement Process; Engaging Suppliers; and Measurement and Results.

It states: “LUPC has demonstrated that further progress has been made in ensuring that sustainability issues are assessed, and action is taken, throughout the procurement process. In working through the Flexible Framework principles there is evidence that the development of a comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable outcomes through procurement has been a clear priority. There are a number of initiatives that have been undertaken, often in collaboration, and these will drive improvements through supply chains.

LUPC’s director Andy Davies said: “We achieved Level 3 of the Flexible Framework in October 2014, and so it’s taken a little over a year for us to move up to Level 4. We’re delighted to have independent verification of our results, not always the case in other organisations who self-certify, which demonstrate our commitment to sustainable procurement.”

Read LUPC’s Flexible Framework Level 4 Report.