NEW AGREEMENT: Audit Services

Apr 11, 2014

Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) are pleased to announce the award of an agreement for Audit Services, open to LUPC Members.

Start date: 11/03/2014

End date: 10/03/2016

The agreement includes four lots: Lot 1: Internal Audit (General and Estates & Property); Lot 2: Internal Audit (ICT); Lot 3: External Audit; and Lot 4: UK and International Tax Advice and Specialist Tax Audit. Benefits of using this framework include: Maximum daily ceiling rates that can be charged for the duration of the Agreement; excellent service delivery from experienced suppliers; and effective reporting mechanisms to obtain accurate, timely and relevant management information.

Read more on GeM or contact Clemmie Smith, Senior Contracts manager, 020 7863 1697.