NEW AGREEMENT: Occupational Health

Jan 27, 2014

LUPC is pleased to announce the award of the new framework agreement for Occupational Health, tendered specifically for Members of LUPC and the other English regional purchasing consortia. The agreement runs for three years, with an option to extend the term for up to a further 12months. It consists of five lots, the first four focused on London institutions and the fifth one offering national coverage for Members of LUPC, SUPC, NEUPC and NWUPC.

Benefits of using the agreement

- A framework designed with our Members in mind, with lots for staff only services, student only services, combined staff and student and specialist staff and students

- Competitive pricing, with a range of fixed prices at framework level for activities ranging from post-offer health assessments and OH referrals to immunisations and wellbeing events, as well as fixed retainer rates for onsite delivery. Providers also have the opportunity to improve their pricing at mini-competition, and, as they will still be competing for your business at this stage, will be incentivised to offer competitive bids

- An OJEU-compliant route through which Members can purchase occupational health services

- Flexibility for Members to pick the services they require, so that some might contract solely for post-offer health assessments and referrals for staff, whilst others may appoint a provider to deliver a much wider set of services, covering assessments and referrals for staff and students, as well as immunisation programmes, travel advice and risk assessments, health surveillance, counselling and specialist referrals

- Flexibility for delivery of services at the provider’s clinic(s)/network clinic(s) or onsite at the institution, where appropriate facilities are available

- A level of experience demonstrated across the five successful providers that is extremely wide-ranging, covering higher education, research and cultural sectors, as well as the wider public sector and private sector.



Services covered under the LUPC Framework fall under the following headings and are available for staff and/or students

- Post-offer health assessments (online or paper-based)

- OH referrals (including ill-health retirements)

- Health surveillance (including specialist health surveillance)

- Immunisations (including specialist immunisations and travel advice)

- Workstation and workplace assessments

- Wellbeing programmes

- Assistance and specialist referrals (including counselling, physiotherapy, psychological assessment)

- Pathology services

- Work accident and injury management.


For a full and detailed breakdown, please see the framework specification and pricing schedule on GeM.


Calling off

There are three providers in each of the five framework lots, meaning that there are two options open for calling off from the agreement: direct award (without reopening competition) and mini-competition. A detailed explanation on each of these approaches is provided in the Buyer’s Guide on GeM, along with information on each of the providers, framework pricing, terms and conditions, specification and templates for calling off and undertaking mini-competitions.


If you require any further information on this agreement please contact: Clemmie Smith, Senior Contracts Manager, LUPC, T: 0207 863 1697, E:






Occupational Health Services – Staff (Greater London)

1. OH Works

2. IOM Consulting

3. Robens Centre


Occupational Health Services – Student (Greater London)

1. OH Works

2. Robens Centre

3. Health Management


Occupational Health Services – Staff and student (Greater London)

1. OH Works

2. Imperial Health at Work

3. IOM Consulting


Occupational Health Services – Staff and student, including specialist (Greater London)

1. OH Works

2. Robens Centre

3. Imperial Health at Work


Occupational Health Services – Staff and student, including specialist (National)

1. OH Works

2. Robens Centre

3. Health Management


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