NEW AGREEMENT: Pension Scheme Provision

Apr 23, 2014

APUC has awarded a new framework agreement for Pension Scheme Provision.

Start date: 12/03/2014

End date: 11/03/2018

The agreement, which offers a defined contribution (DC) scheme for the higher education and further education sectors, is delivered through the Mercer Universities and Colleges Retirement Savings Scheme (UCRSS), and administrated via Friends Life. The scheme, open to LUPC Members, is fully-compliant with auto-enrolment legislation, and enables Members to place a direct call off with Mercer under the agreement without the need for individual institutions to conduct their own market reviews or procurement exercises.

Members can use the scheme as replacement for an existing auto-enrolment scheme, for replacement of a DC scheme, as an offering for staff not eligible for an existing defined benefit (DB) scheme, or as an alternative scheme offering altogether.

For more information, visit GeM or contact Clemmie Smith, 020 7863 1697.

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