New agreement: Signs and Signage

Dec 03, 2014

North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) has awarded a new collaborative agreement for Signs and Signage, open to LUPC Members.

Start date: 1/12/2014   

End date: 30/11/2016 (plus two one-year possible extensions)

Lot 1 covers supply only arrangements for 'standard' signage products across the UK. One supplier is approved to this lot - Allsigns International Ltd.

Lot 2 is regionally sub-divided and is a one-stop-shop arrangement including wayfinding consultancy, design, supply, installation and maintenance of signage solutions. The three suppliers approved to this lot for London are DMA Signs; Green Brothers Signs; and Wood and Wood Signs.

Agreement users may benefit from:

- cash savings of 33% on products via Lot 1; and

- cash savings of 7% for project installations via Lot 2.


Read more about the agreement on GeM.

For further information, contact Joyce Kadri, Contracts Officer, 020 7307 2763.