New Estates Maintenance and Minor Works Agreement

Oct 05, 2015

LUPC has tendered a multi-million pound estates maintenance and minor works agreement.

This five-year agreement  launched today and running until 13 September 2020 is open to members in London and the South East and offers competitive pricing, including volume and efficiency discounts.

The agreement has six lots:

Lot 1 - Estates Maintenance (Large - over £300k per year) and Minor Works (up to £500k per project)

Lot 2 - Estates Maintenance (Small - up to £350k per year) and Minor Works (up to £500k per project)

Lot 3 - Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance (unlimited) and Minor Works (up to £10k per project)

Lot 4 - Water Management Services

Lot 5 - Minor Works Large (£100k - £500k per project)

Lot 6 - Minor Works Small (Up to £150k per project)

The agreement offers users an EU compliant route to market for the areas outlined above.

For more information, see the agreement, contact Suzanne Stokes, Senior Contracts Manager, or sign up for our free launch event on 19 October.

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