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Procurement Maturity Assessments

A Procurement Maturity Assessment (PMA) is an independent detailed assessment of your procurement function and provides you with a bespoke action plan for improvement, a baseline to measure improvements, as well as a benchmark scores against similar institutions.

The purpose of this is to help institutions to understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement functions which can, in turn, lead to significant efficiency savings.

The PMA involves an initial assessment to benchmark your current maturity, and then a follow-up 12 months later to show improvement.

A comprehensive PMA programme is currently being managed on behalf of all the regional higher education consortia by SUPC. For full information, see their PMA web page, or contact Judith Russell, PMA Programme Manager, j.s.russell@reading.ac.uk or Tel 07986 911918.

LUPC is currently committed to funding PMAs for all our members (worth up to £2,500 + VAT) for FREE. To request funding for a PMA, please email Laura Compton.