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The 30% Campaign

LUPC is leading a campaign to help the higher education sector meet Universities UK's target to channel 30% of non-pay spend through effective collaborative procurement.

As part of Procurement England Ltd (PEL), we will be helping higher education Members to collaborate on agreements, drive efficiency and use the sector’s large joint purchasing power more effectively.

On this page, Members will find regular news, resources and training information to help them meet this target in their own institutions.

Read more about the 30% target and why it's important (pages 58-65)

Read LUPC's Widening our Reach strategy to boost collaborative procurement across all our Members

If you have any questions, contact LUPC director Andy Davies, tel: 020 7307 2767.


How can LUPC help?

As well as tendering and managing collaborative framework agreements for our Members to use, LUPC offers a range of other resources, training and consultancy services to help boost your collaborative spend through our own agreements, and those of others.

Read more about Member benefits that could help boost your collaborative spend


Engagement with non-Procurement buyers

Do you struggle to get buyers across departments buying off frameworks? Do people tell you they have 'unique' purchasing needs that mean collaborative agreements just won't work for them? Are your colleagues wedded to their existing supplier, despite the opportunity for greater value for money?

LUPC has produced a short video to help Members sell the benefits of collaborative frameworks to institutional buyers, and therefore help meet the 30% target.

Why use collaborative agreements? A simple guide to help Members persuade and inform buyers in their institutions.

To meet the 30% target, it's crucial that spend outside of Procurement teams, across Estates, IT, Laboratories and further afield, is channelled through effective collaborative arrangements where appropriate.


Success stories

Collaborative procurement needn't be difficult. In fact, using LUPC agreements saves you time as well as money, as all our agreements are awarded following a full EU tender process, leaving you to just 'call off' your own contract from an approved supplier.

There are also significant savings to be made by tapping into the sector's collaborative buying power:

  • The Royal College of Music shares a case study on how it increased its collaborative spend from just 2% of non-pay spend in 2008/09, to 20% in 2011/12.





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