LUPC pay an annual subscription to affiliate all full members of LUPC to Electronics Watch.

Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation supporting public sector organisations to collaborate and work towards the protection of workers in global electronics supply chains.  Membership includes access to guidance, resources and contract clauses that support responsible procurement. To understand how best to implement the expertise and support that Electronics Watch offers its affiliates, please contact Peter on

All full LUPC members can access the affiliates section of the Electronics Watch website. If you don’t already have login details, please email Martina Hooper at

Affiliates can access the following:

Electronics Watch works in the following way on behalf of the affiliates:

  • Provides the Affiliate Product Form to affiliates to report on the product models they have procured in the last 12 months.
  • Supports affiliates with the Factory Disclosure Form in the process of factory disclosures to obtain the names and addresses of factories where consortia members’ product models and key components are produced.
  • Carries out compliance investigations, update reports and produces guidance to help inform affiliate’s engagement with suppliers based on Electronics Watch monitoring findings.
  • Conducts on-going risk screening through the network of monitoring partners in major electronics production regions, using both in-person and remote monitoring methods. Electronics Watch monitors will be alerted to the factories and products of particular focus for each of our affiliates.
  • Carries out on-going factory investigations and remediation activities based on multiple data sources and methodologies. The remediation process includes on-going engagement with multiple electronics brands and companies.
  • Undertakes regional Risk Assessments and produces a risk assessment tool for China, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other regions of production.
  • Creates platforms for collaboration with other affiliates, monitoring partners, and ICT companies to address core systemic industry issues.

To take full advantage of the Electronics Watch model, LUPC members should ensure that their award decision process and call-off contract paperwork includes a requirement for the appointed supplier to complete the Factory Disclosure Form in a reasonable period of time as part of the ongoing activity to identify centres of production applicable to the intended product models being procured down to key component level. This requirement is enshrined in the Electronics Watch Contract Conditions, which are included within several national ICT framework agreements. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Kilner on