The below information has been shared directly by the Government Commercial Function

The Government Commercial Function has announced the launch of the first official training products to support the introduction of the new Procurement Act: the Transforming Public Procurement Knowledge Drops.

The Knowledge Drops comprise a series of on-demand videos designed to provide a high level overview of the changes to the procurement regulations and are aimed at those who have regular interactions with procurement and would need some material level of understanding of the new legislation, such as suppliers; senior leaders at executive or political level; finance directors; service commissioners; policy makers or other non-procurement people who interact with tender processes or manage contracts; lawyers who may not specialise in procurement; and digital and data teams.

The Knowledge Drops will also be a useful introduction for procurement or commercial professionals who will go on to complete the more in-depth L&D products. More information about the wider L&D offer is available in this brochure.

There are separate Knowledge Drops for:

  • Contracting authorities: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 6 smaller sections.
  • Suppliers: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 3 smaller sections.
  • VCSE and SME suppliers: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 3 smaller sections.
  • Additionally there are accompanying fact sheets that outline the specific differences for Wales, Northern Ireland, utilities, light touch, defence and security, concessions and schools.

You can view and access all the Knowledge Drops and factsheets on a dedicated page on the Transforming Public Procurement webpages.