As advised in our recent Market Insight Document, UKUPC met yesterday to share our collective knowledge on supply chain impacts coming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

We know that some of you are already receiving freedom of information requests on the topic so hope what is detailed below will be helpful.

We have now checked the full address for every one of our framework suppliers and confirm none are registered in Russia or Ukraine.  We recognise there may be links further down the supply chain, and we will continue to seek information on that.   

We have checked the commodities most frequently supplied by Russia and know that Energy is the biggest affected category. The Energy Consortium, have offered their advice to anyone who has concerns if their supply agreements are with Gazprom and whether they can exit them.  Please contact Steve Creighton for further information.

Advice around tendering is: 

  • It is likely not legal to exclude Russian bidders for tenders at this time, nor terminate contracts for supply without due cause. 
  • Sanctioned suppliers may be able to be excluded however you must seek legal advice on this matter.

Lastly, there is a lot of excellent information available on this topic online which may be useful to you and would not be sensible for us to duplicate.  Two particularly good sources are:

A dedicated LinkedIn page.

Supply Management Magazine who are regularly covering the topic

Should you have any specific queries or are able to share any insight you think it would be beneficial for us to distribute, please do get in touch with Emma Keenan.