LUPC, in partnership with EAUC and TEC, is delighted to announce that the new national Carbon Offsetting and Validation Services framework agreement is now available to UKUPC members.

It is fully recognised that organisations should not be over-reliant on using carbon offsetting as their principal route to achieving net zero; the main focus for our members will be on carbon reduction but where this is not 100% possible, an element of carbon-offsetting will be required. This framework supports our members towards achieving their Net Zero goals in a compliant and credible way.

The agreement runs for two years from 12 April 2023 through to 11 April 2025.

For information on the background to this framework, please see our recent article on page 6 of the Spring Edition of Linked magazine. 

Scope of the framework

Lot 1: Carbon Offsetting Validation Services – run in partnership with EAUC's Carbon Coalition Initiative
This Lot provides a Verification Manager service which offers simple, robust offsetting menus of products that provides maximum value for money as well as providing confidence in the projects members are investing in. This reduces reputation risk to the HE institutions and other public sector organisations and provides confidence in projects selected to offset carbon. See here for more information on the Carbon Coalition.  

Lot 2: Voluntary Carbon Removals
This Lot provides a route to voluntary carbon removals markets whereby our members can access quality, robust carbon offsets from projects that enhance the reputation of members and that also allow for the market to develop in terms of locations and projects. This Lot is for those members who are more confident in their approach to carbon offsetting and willing to work with suppliers directly.

 Lot 3: UK ETS Allowances – Run in partnership with TEC
To limit exposure to volatile carbon prices, this Lot enables the development and execution of hedging strategies with emissions trading specialists to meet the requirements of members in complying with The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme Order 2020.

How do I call off from the framework agreement?
Call-off from this framework agreement is by means of a competitive further-competition. Full details are set out in the user guide on HE Contracts.

Awarded Suppliers
The awarded partner routes to market can be summarised as follows:

Lot 1 - Carbon Offsetting Validation Services – run in partnership with EAUC

  • Carbon Green Ltd

Lot 2 -  Voluntary Carbon Removals

  • Carbon Green Ltd
  • STX

Lot 3 -  UK ETS Allowances – Run in partnership with TEC

  • Redshaw
  • CF Partners

How does this Agreement support sustainability?
By its very nature, this Framework will support all participating members and consortia in their journey through carbon offsetting.

What are the framework benefits?
By using the agreement, members will benefit from:

  • Working with the Consortia on a vital, new initiative which we hope brings rewards to the sector;
  • A range of value-added services available including further education on the carbon markets and associated areas of interest for members and consortia;
  • Agreed Terms and Conditions;
  • Regularly benchmarked and reviewed pricing dependant on the carbon markets;
  • Compliance under regulated procurement processes;
  • Full performance management through several managed KPI’s to be monitored over the life of the agreement.

We will be holding a framework launch webinar for UKUPC members and details of this will be communicated in due course.

For any questions, please contact Justin McLoughlin.