UKUPC Webinar: Negotiating Contracts Best Practice

Date: 07/12/2023 10.00 - 11.00

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This webinar will focus on two key topics which UKUPC members will encounter when negotiating and/or drafting contracts; negotiations in a complex regulated procurement and improving service performance.

Open to UKUPC members, this webinar is ideal for procurement specialists, and those who are tasked with facilitating contracting arrangements on behalf of their organisation. 

Join Claire Gamage, Principal Associate at Legal Services provider Mills & Reeve and Bindi Sandhu, Deputy Director at LUPC as they cover these two topics: 

1. Negotiations in a complex regulated procurement
Following on from the Negotiating Contract Terms and Conditions session at the UKUPC Conference in September, our speakers will take a deeper dive into the practicalities of undertaking negotiations in a complex regulated procurement.  This session will also be useful for UKUPC members not subject to the public procurement regime, as it will provide tips and advice on best practice when negotiating complex contracts generally.  For those members which are subject to the public procurement regime, our speakers will discuss practical examples demonstrating the importance of ensuring negotiation is conducted in full, to avoid later procurement challenges.

The aim of the session will be to discuss the optimal commercial outcome when undertaking a complex procurement exercise, including regulated and non-regulated procurements.  For example:

  • How do we best structure the process? 
  • How do we balance compliance with procurement law and securing a contract which provides optimal protection for us? 
  • How do we ensure we are treating bidders equally?

2. Improving service performance
The negotiation phase of your procurement will be crucial in determining/agreeing how to measure service performance throughout the lifetime of the contract.  It can often be too late to implement such mechanisms, after the contract has been signed.  The speakers will discuss contractual mechanisms which can be used to incentivise and encourage high quality performance, and the perceived advantages/disadvantages of each.  For example, the use of key performance indicators, service credits, payment against milestones and the use of pain/gain share mechanisms.

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For any queries, please contact Bindi Sandhu