LUPC is pleased to announce that members can now access the new national occupational health services framework agreement PFB5072 LU, which went live on 8 April 2024. It is available for three years, with an optional one year extension. This framework is available to members of LUPC, APUC, CPC, HEPCW, NEUPC, NWUPC, and SUPC. 

This agreement consists of seven Lots:            

Lot 1: Occupational Health & EAP Services National 

Lot 2: Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) National 

Lot 3: Occupational Health Northern England 

Lot 4: Occupational Health Southern England 

Lot 5: Occupational Health Scotland 

Lot 6: Occupational Health Wales 

Lot 7: Student Wellbeing - Digital Assistance 

Framework details  

The agreement is an evolution of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing for Students and Staff PFB5052 LU. The revised lot strategy provides members with the opportunity to tailor their services to their organisation’s needs. It includes student wellbeing – digital assistance. Applications that can be tailored to assist your students’ wellbeing as during their time with you. In all areas this framework focuses on the wellbeing and mental health of staff and students. 


  • The framework agreement provides a compliant route to market with pre-qualified suppliers allowing members to reduce the time, resources and money usually spent on carrying out a tender of this nature.  
  • The process for carrying out a further competition shall be clearly defined with available templates and guidance for members providing information to carry out a procurement process.   
  • Members who wish to have one supplier to deliver OHS and EAP can do so via lot 1. 
  • Geographical lot structure has increased the choice of suppliers on the framework and provided focus for areas of the country that previously suffered with coverage. 
  • A new digital wellbeing lot provides a selection of alternative student (and staff) support platforms to focus on their wellbeing during their time with your organisation.  

How do I call-off from the framework agreement? 

Due to the different and wide range of services that members will require, call-off from this agreement via mini competition except for lot 7 which has the options of direct award (ranked) or desktop calculator. Full details are in the guidance contained on HE Contracts 

How has sustainability, equality and diversity been considered as part of the tender?  

Built into the tendering process was consideration for environmental, economic, and social issues. The weighting for the responsible procurement evaluation questions was 15% and included promotion of equality and diversity, and GDPR. 

All suppliers have agreed to the Sustain Code of Conduct, provided evidence of historic social value, and a commitment to delivering further social value through the term of the framework. 

What’s Next 

LUPC will be providing call off terms for GDPR relationships are controller to controller to cover all options (expected July 2024) 

We are currently preparing an online webinar for the framework including further information on the digital wellbeing in September 2024. 

Please contact Roy Dennis if you have any queries.